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“Our household could not function without Kim’s Cleaning Service. Recently I went back to work leaving my husband and five dogs to fend for themselves. Kim’s Cleaning Service is amazing when it comes to cleaning up after a houseful of grungy canines. Kim’s attention to detail is outstanding. “Everybody ought to have a Kim”. The cleaning products are non-abrasive; no buildup on the floors or counters and the house lingers with a fresh, light fragrance. Kim’s Cleaning is always ready, willing and able to accommodate any schedule change/conflict we might have. I have worked with many cleaning services but Kim’s is the best. Kim’s Cleaning Service gives you professional and personal service for a price that cannot be beat!” - Barbara

"Kim's has cleaned my house for at least 7 years. She is very thorough, careful, and reliable. I'm very pleased with her service and would certainly recommend her to others" - Kathy

"I have known Kim for four years and she has been cleaning my home for the last two years. I speak not only of her as a friend but a conscientious business woman who truly cares about her work. Before I hired her to clean my home, I occasionally used other companies and was very disappointed with them. They were in and out of my home so quickly that many times things were not cleaned at all. Kim not only does an amazing job in every aspect of my house cleaning but will often go beyond her normal chores. It is nice to have someone I completely trust in my home and that will do as good a job as I would or better. I highly recommend Kim's Cleaning Service to anyone who wants dedicated, personalized service." S. Cox

"NOBODY cleans better than Kim's. The detail that goes into their work is exceptional and she is so friendly and trustworthy." - Lisa

"I would highly recommend Kim Pack. She is thorough in her work with full attention to detail. She is reliable, showing up as scheduled. She is trustworthy and highly ethical. She has been a breath of fresh air as I have been disappointed by previous house cleaners who did not keep appointments or sent others in their absence without my permission. If you are looking for someone who does a great job and you can trust in your home, look no further than Kim Pack." - Susan Sarver

"Hi Kim.....thanks again for the great job on my son's house. He will definitely be calling you again." Thanks, Donna

"I live out of state and Kim's cleaned my parent’s house for years. She always did a wonderful job and was a dear friend to my parents." - Bill